Upgrade Your Garage Floors with Epoxy Services

We enhance garage floors with epoxy in Haw River, Durham and Raleigh, NC

An epoxy floor is a great improvement for your garage. Concrete Enhancements pours high-quality epoxy coatings in Haw River, Durham and Raleigh, NC. We use epoxy from Floorguard Products to protect and enhance concrete.

Contact us now if you're considering epoxy for your space.

Why choose our team?

Why choose our team?

When you want to improve your garage floor, turn to our experts. We separate ourselves from other epoxy floor installers by giving customers time and care. We recommend two days for garage floor projects - not just one. This extra time helps us ensure a perfect finish without rushing the job at hand.

Additionally, we pay attention to little details. We install nice concrete overlay thresholds that separate interior floors from concrete floors, minimizing the gap underneath doors. This creates a clean look that complements the exterior of homes. We also caulk and seal these overlays for long-lasting waterproofing.

Reach out to us today if you'd like an epoxy floor in your garage.