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Concrete Enhancements, Overlay Artisan Bringing Beauty To Concrete

Concrete Enhancements, Overlay Artisan Bringing Beauty To Concrete

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Concrete Overlay Artisan

Hey I’m Craig Fear

“The Concrete Overlay Artisan”! I’m the owner/operator of Concrete Enhancements and I have perfected a solid surface flooring system for indoors and outdoors that are cutting edge, unique, versatile and problem-solving, as well as beautiful and durable.

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concrete enhancements local concrete artisan

Concrete Enhancements, We are the Concrete Overlay Masters!

Our concrete overlay experts consider all of our decorative concrete overlays a work of art and we will pursue perfection in each and every case.

The outdoor concrete overlays have completely impressed our customers. Earn more for less when it comes to our products, services and prices.

We will be offering discounts for customers who promote us and let us use the project as a means of advertisement.

Concrete Enhancements Benefits

Freeze/Thaw Resistant

The Concrete Overlay System is Freeze/Thaw Resistant, the normal movement of concrete is what normally causes it to look bad over time. The CTI System is more flexible and able to withstand this movement without cracking.

Easy To Maintain

Whether it’s mold and mildew that can turn concrete dark and dingy, or motor oil that will permanently stain normal concrete, our product is a non-porous system that keeps stains and chemicals at the surface. This means that most of the time, a hose and a little detergent is all that is needed to keep your overlay looking brand new.

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We Use The Latest Concrete Enhancements Resurfacing Technology

Concrete Enhancements will have your interior or exterior floors tailored to wants and protected against the elements.

concrete enhancements local concrete artisan

Concrete Overlay Outside Your Home

Thanks to the concrete enhancements overlay, your existing concrete will be impervious to salts, deicing agents, and other elements that cause its deterioration over time. In addition, maintenance will be easy as mold, mildew and stains simply hose off.

concrete enhancements local concrete artisan

Concrete Overlay Inside Your Home

The CTI Technology products can also give your existing floors and counter tops new life as plain concrete floors are transformed to marble or the wood look and existing laminate counters become granite.

Concrete Overlay In Residential & Commercial

The Concrete Enhancements Overlay is tough as nails flooring and is perfect for areas such as garages, workshops and other places around the home where traffic or chemicals beat up the concrete.

Have your Pool looking great all YEAR!

Concrete Pool Deck Overlay

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Natural Look Of Wood With The Strength Of Concrete

Concrete Wood Look

Visit Concrete Wood Look Website

Frequently Asked Questions

CTI’s systems achieve a look, texture and color of any type stone, concrete wood look or any look you require. A base coat is applied that fixes any imperfections in the original concrete. A design is then laid over it and a hopper gun shoots on a textured layer over that. A final clear coat is put over the system that is nonporous and protects it as well as makes it very easy to maintain. Mold, mildew, motor oil, etc. can be sprayed off with a regular garden hose. Common detergents can be used to remove tough or repetitive latencies.

We generally apply our systems on old concrete between 3/32″ to 1/8″. CTI’s systems are thin layered cements which depend on adhesion through the use of modified acrylics.

Here is how CTI’s systems compare to other coatings as far as heat retention:

Up to 40 degrees cooler than concrete.
30%-40% cooler than epoxy stone
50% cooler than vinyl or urethane
40%-50% cooler than wood decks
Up to 40% cooler than carpet
50%-60% cooler than terrazzo
40%-50% cooler than tile
20%-30% cooler than brick

Colors of the product and texture chosen will effect the overall temperature of the surface.

All existing control joints should remain in the surface to allow for expansion and contraction of the original concrete. They are not coated with the CTI system and are masked off. We can, however, work to insure these joints match the rest of the look of the surfaces.

Client Testimonials

We had a nightmare concrete job done and Concrete Enhancements saved us from having to tear out and replace it all while saving us money and providing us with a beautiful alternative. It was a blessing in disguise.

Wayne J.

“Thank You Craig, the concrete wood look design looks amazing on our patio and has been receiving a lot of positive feedback.
We have and will continue to recommend Concrete Enhancements to my friends and anyone else needing concrete services.”

Mairon M.