Project Description

Do You Have A Garage Floor Project We Can Help With?
Risk Free Quote to all Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill residents.

Transform your Garage Floor in 2 days! Fall Special $2,000 but we don’t use EPOXY, we use POLYASPARTIC BINDERS and TOPCOATS! much better!

Concrete Enhancements is proud to offer a Risk Free Quote to all residents of the triangle area, Raleigh, Durham & Chapel Hill ! Garage flooring with chip Floors or our poly concrete Floors can be easy to clean, repair cracks, protect and preserve the slab and create another usable living space in your home or business. Garage cleanliness and organization can have a great positive impact on your life and in your home. We will also offer Garage organization soon. These Floors come in a variety of colors with chip colors to choose from. We use %100 chip coverage for a more durable floor.