Imagine Preserving Your Legacy

Imagine preserving your legacy for your children or grandchildren to open it and read your final messages to them when they turn 18! We here at Signature Cement are giving you an opportunity to put your signature on your legacy, and help shape the course of your loved ones lives in such a powerful way. We create cement tabletops or wall hangings, in the shape of your choosing, with a void inside to stash your time capsule, which contains your most powerful message you have ever said to them. Your contents could include writings, memoirs, pictures, jewelry, family heirlooms, keepsakes, scriptures, money, even your ashes! The best part about it, you are right there next to them, in the tabletop or wall hanging for many years. They must know it’s a special gift from you but they will not know anything is inside until your instructions are to inform them. When they turn your chosen age, preferably 18, they simply log onto the website for their instructions. They can enter a code and password and find instructions to open. They will be blown away to know you were right next to them for the past 5-10 years.