Epoxy Flooring Concrete

For 15 years now Craig Fear has been mastering the craft of concrete overlays and is now considered an artisan of top tier status. He is the founder of www.concretewoodlook.com, which has been a great site for people to learn about the technique of making the poly concrete look like wood. Over the years he has trained many new installers and partnered up with many others to complete what are considered to be some of the best overlays in the country. Now he is fully staffed and Concrete Enhancements is now about to pursue more commercial work. They have done a few big churches, businesses and shop floors, along with large pool decks. They are known for doing squares and rectangles on pool decks which are all hand colored and crafted to look like stone. In the months and years ahead they will provide polyaspartic/polyurea flooring as well as the poly concrete overlays. They have a reference list a mile long and a portfolio that is impeccable. Call and talk with Craig Fear today about your concrete overlay intentions or general questions.